Go Straight: Wheel Alignment for Brighton Automobiles

August 28, 2022

Brighton drivers may have an alignment problem if their car drifts or pulls to one side, the steering wheel's off center, they notice uneven tire wear or the car doesn't feel like it handles right as they drive down Brighton, Michigan, streets and roads.When all of a vehicle's wheels are lined up... More

Give me a Brake (Light)!

August 21, 2022

If that little brake warning light pops up on your dash, do you know what it means? Well, if you said no, you wouldn't be alone. You know it has something to do with your brakes, but exactly what? You're not sure. One of the reasons is that it could mean a lot of different things. It could be som... More

Have You Checked Your Headlights?

August 14, 2022

Like everything in the Michigan automotive market, there have been great strides in headlight technology in recent years. Michigan drivers can be safer at night because of it. Good headlights improve visibility on Brighton roads, enabling you to see farther. They also improve your peripheral visi... More

Blind Spot Safety for Brighton Driving

August 7, 2022

Blind spots may be a good thing when it comes to a spouse's annoying habits, but when driving an automobile in Brighton, they are definitely to be avoided. So, while it's not good marital advice, it's good auto advice to minimize your own blind spots and stay out of other Brighton drivers' blind... More